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The performing arts are all about exploring your passions. Come to the 花季传媒 School of Music and Theatre, where musicians and actors collaborate with professionals in the field. Our talented majors and non-majors work as a team to create exciting performances, as they prepare for careers beyond the university classroom.

Whether you want to teach, perform, create, or inspire, 花季传媒 is the place for music and theatre. We've been teaching in the arts for 125 years and know what you need for a successful and fulfilling career.

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An audition is a required part of the admission process for all students planning to major in music and/or theatre. It also allows the award of music scholarships and participation awards for talented non-music majors.

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花季传媒's performances and productions are open for both majors and non-majors. A full list of our performances can be found on Inside 花季传媒, and you can purchase tickets for theatre shows on the .

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花季传媒 is a full member of the  (NASM), and its requirements for entrance and graduation with the published regulations of this accrediting agency.

花季传媒 is an accredited member in good standing with the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) since 1956. All music degree programs, both graduate and undergraduate, are approved for study.

NASM is an association of approximately 653 schools of music, primarily at the collegiate level, but also including postsecondary non-degree-granting schools of music. It is the national accrediting agency for music and music-related disciplines.